Updates, Future posts, and the Uniform Evidence Law

Updates have been less frequent than usual on this blog over the past 6–7 months. Those who know me will know that one reason for this is that I teach my Evidence Law unit at the University of Western Australia in semester 1 each year, so Evidence isn’t on my radar quite as much in the second half of the year (when I teach about health and medical law). Another reason is that, very sadly, I unfortunately lost a parent in December 2022 (after a very, very tough year).

As a result, there’s a bit of catching up to do! As noted in the ‘About’ section of this site, this blog only focuses on particular points and judgments of interest – it is not intended to be comprehensive and does not claim to provide updates on every important or interesting decision. Still, there have been a number of interesting recent decisions which I intend to cover over the coming months as I’m thinking about Evidence again.

Some subscribers might be interested to know that in light of the Law Reform Commission’s report last year and public statements from the Attorney General about Uniform Law being drafted for WA, my colleague Associate Professor Stella Tarrant and I have started to teach the Uniform Evidence Law (instead of the Common Law of Evidence) at UWA. We are not the first Western Australian law school to do so, and many Law Schools over east (including Melbourne Law School) transitioned to teaching the Uniform Law years before it was adopted in their jurisdictions.

Despite moving to teach the Uniform Law in my course, I will continue to post about Common Law developments here for the time being (until we hear more)! It does feel like we’ve been anticipating a move to the Uniform Law for decades now, but this time it really feels like the wheels are in motion.

All the best,